What started as a “fun” summer project in 2014, quickly turned into the popular pop-blues-rock fusion band ‘Birds in the Boneyard.’
      Brothers Mikey and Petey Condoleon are artists, dreamers, and partners in crime who grew up in Queens, New York. Mikey was always an artist and an entertainer that loved attention. He was out to impress anywhere he was. Petey on the other hand, was not as flashy. He was always on the shyer side of the spectrum until he was four years old when he began to play the piano. He quickly opened up and started to compose medleys. 
     Eventually Petey geared off into other instruments, including bass when Mikey started playing the guitar.  Years later in 2014,  Petey asked Mikey to play guitar for his “fun” summer project. Mikey played in another band but he agreed to do it for the sake of his brother. The boys played their first show together at a small bar and the venue was packed out the door. That night was the game changer for them both in deciding to take ‘Birds in the Boneyard’ to the next level.
    Sacrificing an established band for an unknown group was a tough choice for Mikey.  However, after the success of their first show, he realized people were hungry for the Birds’ and decided to fully commit himself to Bird’s in the Boneyard. It has been an incredibly long journey ever since that day. Countless trial and errors have contributed the Birds’ success today, including the replacement of band members. Nothing got in the way of the determined brothers. They set a goal and they had no choice but to achieve it. 

​​      Drummer of Birds in the Boneyard, Teo Vanovski, was born in Sophia, Bulgaria and raised in Denver. He started drumming at age eleven, and moved to New York City to obtain his bachelors degree for drum set performance from the New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music. Some of his private teachers include Amir Ziv (Droid, System Dialing Records), Curtis Macdonald, Al Hood (Phil Collins Big Band), Mike Marlier (Lamont School of Music), Hal Galper, Jane Ira Bloom, David F. Gibson, and Shawn Pelton of the SNL band. 
        Petey and Teo started talking through some mutual friends on Facebook. That quickly led to a studio session....and then another. The Condoleon brothers loved Teo's drumming, work ethic and his input on the music they created together. In the span of a few months, not only did they rehearse on a weekly basis, and record eleven songs for release, they also became good friends. Teo was the perfect addition to Birds in the Boneyard.
            Birds in the Bone Yard is currently playing shows throughout the NYC area and has recently started an educational assembly tour to give back to education. Additionally the band is currently in the production process for their latest album to release. ​​

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